NaNoWriMo is over, what next?

Yesterday was the first time in thirty days that I didn’t write, and it felt weird. I’m proud (I did it, 50,000 words is no small thing) and relieved (I have free time again, what a revelation!) and sort of, well, sad. Bittersweet. For the entire month of November I had something creative to do, that I had committed to every single day. By comparison, I now feel free as a bird. I read a lot yesterday, the first of December, it felt luxurious.

So, what next? If I’m honest, in previous years I’ve felt a little ambivalent about the projects I was working on. The first two NaNoWriMo novels did make it past 50,000 words, but they weren’t complete by any means. They were incredibly messy, so far from something I’d be ok with showing to other people. Maybe I changed, maybe my writing has changed- I feel like I want to edit this one. I want to put the work in to make it great, and it feels possible.

December is a busy month, and there’s so much I want to work on. I also want to allow myself a little holiday time. The plan is this: Enjoy.

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