Art + Beauty

Art and the beauty industry have rubbed up against each other for about as long as there’s been art or a beauty industry. They cross over, and converge frequently with varying levels of success. A painted face is art, isn’t it? In fact calling the skin a canvas is such a common phrase that to repeat it here seems heavy-handed. A well designed bottle of serum seems worth saving after the contents have been used up. Face and eyeshadow palettes inspired by famous artists are the ultimate collectable for fans of painters and makeup.

I enjoy skincare almost as much as I enjoy mixing thick paint with a palette knife, creating new colours that feel as though they’re completely new and wholly mine. Because of this the inevitable has happened, and I’ve begun to take my beauty related scratches and scribbles seriously.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

The first creations that I’m sharing are ink and watercolour illustrations, but I can see myself dipping into all kinds of materials and mediums in the near future. For now, my Etsy store offers a few cute stickers and prints that were so much fun to create.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

The designs above (and more) are available here on my Etsy store.


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