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I’m a tactile person. I’m a scent lover. I enjoy meditative activities. These are some of the reasons why I love beauty, skincare and makeup. Put me in the middle of Sephora and I’ll happily weave my way through, dabbing silky serums, creamy moisturisers and balmy salves on the back of my hands. I smell each one, feel the texture, murmur commentary. The soothing ritual of a beauty routine allows a moment of peace and focus. For me it’s as much about the process as it is the results.

Over the years my feelings surrounding beauty (especially makeup) have changed. What I want from it has changed, as I gradually settle into my own skin.

Having said that, discovering a product or technique that makes us feel beautiful is what we want, right? Over the years my feelings surrounding beauty (especially makeup) have changed. What I want from it has changed, as I gradually settle into my own skin. The focus has shifted to celebrating my face, not trying to change it. So, in the spirit of getting to know each other, here are the things I’ve learned from beauty bloggers, makeup artists, friends and trial and error! They work for me, they might work for you! Or not, and that’s ok too.

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Add a dab of the same colour you use on your cheeks to the bridge or tip of your nose, the centre of your chin and your temples. It sounds like a weird, terrible suggestion- I know! But the idea is to make it so subtle that no one would know that you’ve done it. It just ties the look together, which makes the warmth and colour on your face more natural.

Use two shades of pencil or gel on your eyebrows while creating tiny hair-like strokes. The colours should be very similar. Our hair has slight natural variations in tone, once again, it’s subtle! It’ll makes your brows look even better. A lot of my favourite brow grooming techniques are learned from makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, you can check out a video of how she does hers on youtube.

Despite slathering on sunscreen every day, sometimes I have a few light freckles on the tops of my cheeks. You can barely see them, but I really like them and I want them to shine through! I work hard to find the right shades of BB cream/foundation/concealer etc so that no matter which one I use, I don’t have to put it everywhere. Some people love high coverage and that’s totally fine! But if you’re open to the idea, try putting the makeup in a few key places and buffing it in with a brush. Make sure you have a well moisturised face so it blends well. Skin is imperfect, which can be incredibly difficult to accept with all the pressure we face to fulfil society’s concept of healthiness and attractiveness. But any step towards acceptance is valuable!

Have you bought a mascara that keeps transferring to under your eyes or the tops of your cheeks? (People with long lashes get this a lot). After you’ve done your mascara, fold a tissues and put it under your eye. Blink a couple of times. Next, take a spoolie and lightly brush some translucent powder onto it, tapping to get rid of any excess product. Comb it through your lashes once or twice to help set the mascara.

How about you? I’m always interested to know what works for different people. Passing these tips on through word of mouth has such a great communal feel to it.

Inspiration + Lessons

I think Estee Lalonde will always be my favourite beauty youtuber, she’s warm and enthusiastic with a great sense of humour. Without her I wouldn’t have found my holy grail concealer. Her taste in makeup and clothing really suit my preferences, which is a bonus.  Katie Jane Hughes is my favourite game changer makeup artist. Go to her for dreamy, glowy skin and pops of unexpected colour. Very modern, very chic, and I’m learning so much from her. Kate La Vie has a collection of makeup and perfume that I love coveting, she also talks a lot about interiors. She knows what she likes, which is a quality I really enjoy. French makeup artist Violette does surprising things, and will teach you how to create a fresh faced look when you’re on the go. Literally, like in the back seat of an Uber.

Stay tuned for my next blogs: Holy grail products, and my favourite coffee table books.

Find me on instagram and twitter @vivienne_austen.

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