Boating, Eating and ARTING: Visiting MONA Museum

Last weekend we took the catamaran ferry to Tasmania’s Mona Museum (Museum of Old and New Art), and had lunch at Faro (their website explains the name thusly: “Our new bar and restaurant is named for ‘faro’, the Spanish word for ‘lighthouse’, which is the English word for ‘pharos’, which is the Greek name of the new wing of our museum. Keep up.” Faro has a focus on share plates. The flavours are bright, tangy, fresh. You can find plenty of local, seasonal produce on the menu- all of it beautifully prepared. We had grilled sardines with tomato, red wine vinegar, olive oil, pine nuts. Char-grilled octopus, smoked eggplant, loveage seed and pickles. A confit yellowfin tuna, kunzea, mountain pepper, white bean, with orange and green olive. Pan-roasted quail, wild rice, currants, grappa with anchovy, garlic. Char-grilled vegetables, tomatillo & pepita mole and wattleseed crunch. Yum. To drink there was locally made Moo Brew beer, gin cocktails garnished with dry orange and served with glass straws, and a beautiful bottle of Tasmanian sparkling wine. Each plate was well balanced, scrumptious and extremely photogenic.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


I couldn’t recommend the experience enough. If you like your art and culture with a generous serving of humour and an experimental approach then Mona will be right up your alley. If you have an interest in architecture and design then you’ll want to visit. If you like boat rides and good wine then you need to take a look. Are you seeing a pattern here? There’s so much to see, do, eat, drink and explore. Mona also run a winter festival called Dark MoFo every year in the city of Hobart (starting mid June), which is often accompanied by lights in the night sky, siren calls, fires and a nude dawn swim. Bacchanalian feasting, the colour red, a mid-winter rebirth.

It was a fleeting visit, but I’ll be back there as soon as possible with a follow up blog!


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