How does the moon cut his hair? ……. Eclipse it. 

Sorry about that everyone, I’ll see myself out. This week I’m writing about hair care, not terrible dad jokes. My hair routine is much like my skincare routine. A few solid favourites tend to do a lot of the work, but I physically can’t stop myself from trying new products. I have long hair, and it’s fine, which means I need moisture without weighing it down. I don’t want to spend ages styling it either, so I’m leaning pretty heavily on the ability of routine and products to solve any problems. I’m going for mermaid vibes, not sea hag. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a sea hag, of course! You do you.

Firstly, I’ll tell you what products I’m using almost daily and then I’m going to tackle some of the assumptions and false beliefs I’ve had around how to take care of your hair. hair

I love high-end products, if you follow me on instagram you’ll certainly see that. But I always keep my eye out for more affordable products, especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner because they run out so quickly for me. At the moment I’m using the Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk shampoo. It smells like real mangoes and coconuts, it detangles without adding weight and is formulated without silicone. Nice! Other shampoos that have worked well for me are the OGX Coconut Water shampoo (I return to this often), the Herbal Essences Bio: Renew range, and on the luxe end of the spectrum Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil shampoo.

After towel drying my hair a little, I add a few drops of my new favourite magic potion. Gisou by Negin Mirsalehi Honey Infused Hair Oil is the most I’ve ever spent on a hair product. I bought it as a present for myself to mark some business and personal goals being achieved, after circling around it for a good six months. For me it was a good decision, for the first time I’m feeling really lasting results with a hair oil. 24 hours of smooth, lightly perfumed hair heaven. It’s a beautiful product, well made and packaged, every element feels like good quality to me. But it is wildly expensive, so here are some other hair oils I’ve loved! The Shu Uemura Essence Absolue is rich with camellia oil, it’s great as a hair mask for the lengths too. The Ouai Hair oil smells heavenly, works well and comes in travel size too if you want to try out a small amount first.

A product which seems extra but makes a lot of sense is SPF for the hair and scalp. Sunlight, warm and lovely, can do a lot of damage to our skin and eyes, we know this. But there is also a cancer risk to the scalp, beyond the way that it can effect your hair. I’m using the Playa Endless Summer Spray currently, and am happy enough with it. It adds a little texture, along with that protection. While it doesn’t have much of a scent, it’s easy to use. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it again or whether I’ll want to try something else for fun as the market for sun protection hair products expands. Another mist I enjoy include Ouai Wave Spray (though it doesn’t so much give a wave to my hair since it’s long and straight and I can’t be bothered blowdrying).

Now that I’ve covered my current routine I just want to throw a few thoughts out there in regards to the many rules we’ve been given for hair care.

  1. You can’t wash your hair every day. Well, actually, yes you can. Everyone’s hair texture is different and requires different treatment. If you have super fine hair and you work out hard every day then maybe you feel like you’ve got to wash it. Dry shampoo is awesome, but it’s not great for the scalp so it’s understandable if you don’t want to rely on it every day of the week. Or maybe with your hair texture you need to wait longer than a week to wash. I’m going to suggest that you experiment and then just do whatever you feel happy with. People can be weirdly aggressive about how often people are shampooing which is kind of inapprorpiate and unnecessary in my opinion. I wash my hair almost every day because that’s what works for me!
  2. Shampoo and then conditioner. Ok. Or, shampoo and no conditioner! Or co-washing, which is a newish trend that’s working well for some people. Again, I feel strongly that you can be flexible and do whatever the hell you want. Recently I’ve started skipping conditioner and just using it a couple times a week, and my hair is enjoying some extra body as a result. It’d really shaken up my routine, I love it.
  3. A hairstyle that is based on your face shape. I think it can be really fun to research a new style, to go to your hair stylist and say that you want something especially suited to your features. I also believe that you don’t need to make these choices based on what other people have decided is suitable for you. You don’t need to go with what is ‘most flattering’ because it’s your hair. And it’ll grow back. Live your hair dreams guys.


Thanks for joining me for today’s post! I just want to say that I will never tell you that you need to buy a product, nor do I want to encourage feeling like you have to have ‘it’ items. I’m sharing what’s worked for me, what’s been worth purchasing on a personal level! Have a great week, take care.

If you’d like to sneak a peek at my instagram, you can see what I’m using and why I’m using it. The journey, the aesthetics!

If you like the art I made for this post, I also do commissions, check out info here.

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