Be it the flu, exhaustion or a bout of anxiety, there are times when the last thing we feel like doing is double cleansing. For years I tended to abandon my skincare during these times, which would lead to a pretty parched complexion and unnecessary hassle would ensue. These days I take a paired back approach and commit to doing a few basic things to ease me along the path to feeling better. Here they are.
Cleansing. This part is pretty important, but there’s an approach for everyone. I tend to go for an oil or balm type of cleanser, because they’re nice and soothing and won’t strip my skin. I’ve recently started using the Frank Body Cleansing Oil, which has no fragrance, is affordable and does a lovely job of removing makeup and sunscreen. If you’re pretty much bed-ridden then micellar water is a great option. Skin can be more more sensitive at times like these, so I’d recommend something basic and gentle with some cotton pads so you can feel a little refreshed. My favourite is the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution, and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Normal to Sensitive skin is budget friendly classic for a reason.
Moisture. Your skin can probably forgive a lack of serums and mists as long as its getting some moisture. My personal go-to is a facial oil because the right one can make me feel like I’m getting some healing properties as well as that nourishing moisture. Even if I can’t manage eye cream and I feel like it’s all too much, I keep a bottle near me so it’s an easy achievement, and I never regret doing it. Sometimes baby steps make all the difference. If you’re going to be anywhere near a window, or play on taking a short stroll to the mailbox, I will always suggest SPF. I wear sunscreen every day even if I’m not going outside at all! The Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+ is fast becoming my holy grain sun protection, for several reasons. First, SPF 50!! Secondly, it has hyaluronic acid and vitamin e to care for your skin while it protects. Thirdly it feels and looks great, under makeup or by itself.
Commit to doing nothing. If we can avoid the aggravation of fighting with ourselves then we can get some much needed rest. Instead of spending an hour wringing your hands over whether or not you deserve to have a nap, you could be asleep. Maybe that’s what you need. If it’s possible to give yourself a break I suggest you commit to it. Take the to-do list off the table. Sometimes you end up doing some stuff anyway, but it can feel so freeing to allow yourself the possibility of doing nothing at all. Of course it’s not always feasible, but I think it’s the best advice I can give.
If you’re feeling up for more than that I’d recommend applying your favourite hand cream, because I find a good scent can really boost your mood. Keep lip balm and a comb near by, but don’t feel bad if they fall by the wayside. Drink your tea, or lemonade. Treat yourself with the patience you’d offer a loved one. You’re doing all you can.
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