I have a confession to make. I’m not great at bold bright eye makeup. It’s way out of my comfort zone, and if you hand me a set of eyeshadow brushes I will probably just slowly back out of the room. Part of the reason behind this is I never felt elaborate eye looks suited me that well, but it’s also a matter of intimidation. The first time you put on blue eyeshadow it will probably look a bit mad. And maybe it’s not your cup of tea! That’s ok! But I have found a few ways to put a little more fun and exploration into my makeup.
Some eyeshadows lend themselves particularly well being used alone, either as a sheer wash of colour, or built up for something bolder. My preference seems to be for cream products, as they’re so easy to blend and to fix any errors. So in that spirit, here’s some products that I think look particularly lovely.
Chanel Ombre Prèmiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow, a cream to powder formula, in lots of gorgeous shades! I wear the Lilas D’ors shade, which is a pale pink that I find very wearable.
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow, such rich stunning colours, these beautiful formulas almost have a wet look when built up. Sometimes I use the tiniest bit all over the lid and it’s just a subtle tint that brings the look together.
Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, an easy way to add some sparkle to your makeup. The doe foot applicator means you can whisk if along the lash line with little fuss. The colours are stunning, and look amazing with an otherwise natural look, or with fuller coverage makeup.
When it comes to skincare there’s so much to learn. I find it to be a fun subject, and as I continue to learn I love sharing my thoughts. One thing that I know can be intimidating is using certain ingredients, namely the ones often referred to as ‘actives’. Active ingredients have the ability to effect your skin long term, which can sound scary. Once you start looking into them there are so many ingredients out there, in so many products and not all of them play together particularly well. If you consider yourself a skincare novice I’d say start slowly, and here’s where you might like to start.
Vitamin C for a bright, even skin tone you can’t go past it. Vitamin C is fantastic, but it can be accidentally sabotaged. Keep it simple by applying Vitamin C first in the morning, on clean skin. Give it five minutes to sink in, then follow with a moisturiser and sunscreen. SPF if extremely important at all times of the year, no matter what your skin is doing, where you live, and what you put on it. But it’s even more important when using actives like Vit C because it makes your skin more sensitive to sun exposure.
Hyaluronic Acid is great for healthy, well moisturised skin. Regardless of you skin type, you need your skin to have a good drink. You can use it morning and evening, in serum or cream form, whatever you like best! When your skin is well moisturised it will look plumper, heal better and won’t start doing anything pesky like overproducing oil.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid will work for younger and more mature skin. Wrinkles, blemishes and texture are targeted by this chemical exfoliation. AHA’s (and BHA’s if you want to check those out) can do wonders for the skin, and there are products available at every price point. I try to avoid using them daily, because it can irritate my skin a little, but the best way to find out what your skin wants is to take a patient approach. Try using AHA’s a few times a week or every second day to see how skin responds.
That’s it for this week’s post guys, thanks for joining me! As always, you can find me on instagram for an artistic and humorous skincare journey, @vivienne_austen, or feel free to reach out here! All opinions are my own, freely given.
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Artwork is my own and is protected by copyright. Commissions info is here!


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