Hi guys! Apologies for my recent absence, it’s such a busy time of the year and I’ve had a little trouble keeping on top of everything. But Christmas is nearly here, and it’s Summer in Australia, so I thought it would be a fun time to get into an area of beauty that I haven’t been in for a while. Self tanning. I’m an absolute devotee to sun protection, so this is the only way I’ll ever be golden! I’ve decided to document the experience here, including the prep I do!
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Recently, Ella Baché were kind enough to send me some of their products to try, including pieces from their tanning range. I tried their Great Tan Without Sun Instant Tanning Cream, the Great Face Tan Without Sun, and their Great Tanning Mitt. This post isn’t paid, but since the products were gifted I consider this post to have ad content. It’s important to me to consider what it means to receive PR and to have people trusting my opinion, and be transparent about it! All opinions here are my own, honest impressions. A lot of the advice I give here could also be applied to any tanning products!

Step 1. Thinking about the results I want.

Like I said, I’m pale. PALE pale. Because of my colouring and a cautious approach I’ve decided that I want a fairly subtle and very natural looking tan to begin with. Because the Ella Baché tanner is also a moisturiser I should be able to control the results quite well. I’ve read through the instructions, and the amount of time you leave it on before rinsing off will control how deep you go. The ‘how to’ they provide is nice and thorough, and I appreciate that.

Step 2. Preparing skin. 

I decided to do waxing a couple days before, so that my skin had time settle down. I do some dry brushing before my shower, which I’ve taken to lately. Even though it makes me feel a bit like a horse getting groomed, I like it! In the shower I reach for Frank Body scrub, using a gentle circular movement to make sure I’m getting rid of any dead skin without overdoing it. After drying off I put some Aveeno lotion on my feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands. I give it about 15 minutes to sink in really well while I dry my hair.

Step 3. Application and observations.

The Great Tan Without Sun has guide colour in it, so you can see where you’ve been and how it’s blending. Using the Ella Baché mitt I take a small dollop of the product and begin massaging it evenly over my legs, doing the knee, ankle and foot area last with much less product. I rub it in well, the way you would with any body lotion. The same process is repeated all over, with rougher areas like elbows going last. I go over the whole body again with the mitt without new product on it, to make sure it’s all buffed out nicely. I’m super flexible in my shoulder joints so I can reach my whole back without issue, but you might want to invest in two mitts if changing hands is a bit tricky for you. Now it’s best to wait half an hour before getting dressed, so it’s a good time to dance around naked if that’s what you’re into. You can leave it on for 2-6 hours before rinsing, depending on the results you want. I’ve be chosen the 2 hour option. When there’s only a half hour to go I put on some disposable gloves and carefully massage a small amount of the face version on, avoiding eyes and lips of course, leaving for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Step 3. Results and maintenance. 

My first impressions are that this is a really natural looking tan, not a hint of orange on me. I’m pleased with how subtle the results can be for those of us who want to ease into things. I’ve managed to stay streak free! There is a slight tanner scent, but as I write this it’s the day after and it’s almost faded completely. I think I’ll be topping up weekly, but every day I make sure to put on a lot of body moisturiser morning and night to keep my skin even.

I’ll also be keeping you up to date with how it’s going on Instagram so be sure to check in there!
What are your favourite tanning products? Do you have as many steps as I do? I hope you’re all looking forward to the end of the year, stay safe out there!
Find me on Instagram @vivienne_austen, come say hi!
Info on PR can be found here.

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