The folks at Ella Baché kindly sent me their Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir and Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot to try some months ago, and after some very thorough usage I have plenty of thoughts to share! While this is a PR gift (unpaid ad) all thoughts are genuine and have been formed over many, many weeks!
How do they feel? The Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot has a very watery non-greasy texture that’s such a pleasure to apply. There’s not a hint of stickiness after it sinks in, making it a great option for someone who hates feeling like there’s anything on their skin. The skin Elixir is a lightweight cream in tube form.
What are the claims? The Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir is made to help your skin get some extra hydration, with a combined effect which aims to give you plump, smooth skin. The Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot is supposed to give you refreshed, cooled and hydrated skin for 24 hours, without any heaviness or stickiness. Both products are mentioned to help protect the skin from pollutants.
Do they deliver? In my opinion, yes, in terms of easy lightweight moisture they’re great, and my skin looked healthy and bright during use. I’m especially fond of the gel moisturiser under makeup on warm days, it’s tricky to get a balance between good hydration and a non-greasy finish.
Who might benefit? Perfect for warmer climates, and for skin that tends towards the oily. If your skin is on the dry side it’s still good for summer!
Anything else?
Ella Baché isn’t a vegan brand, but they don’t test their products on animals, I’m happy to report. These two products do contain fragrance, which can be an issue. Sometimes it is for me, sometimes it isn’t – but it’s just something to keep in mind. I didn’t notice any inflammation with either product.
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Let me tell you, when I paused using these products after a couple solid months of use, so that I could try other new things – my skin missed them! The combination of these products absolutely made a difference as I started using retinol for the first time, they provided some seriously necessary moisture during the Australian summer.
On a personal note, it’s so good to be back! I’ve been trying to use products for longer before posting extensive posts, since it can take a long time to see results with some ingredients. I hope to be back to regular posting for the rest of the year! I’m feeling re-inspired and it’s great.

Have a peek at my instagram @vivienne_austen where you’ll find reviews, flowers and lots of insta stories about what I’m reading and slathering on my face!

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