Springtime is officially here in Australia, and I feel a new season calls for some adjustments. One of the things I’m looking forward to most is buying huge bunches of peonies and filling the apartment with them, but here are some other ways I’m getting into the spirit of things!

Please note that this post features gifted PR, and therefore this is an unpaid ad. However, I wouldn’t be featuring it this way if I wasn’t enjoying it so much! My opinion is always that- my opinion. 

I made my first trip to the garden centre to get some new plants. For me, changing seasons is all about nature. If you have a garden or balcony, a really fun and useful purchase I’d suggest is a miniature citrus tree. They’re hardy, have gorgeously scented flowers and will bear fruit! I have a lime and a lemon so far, and I have my eye on a cumquat tree.

My favourite breakfast any time of the year gets even better when Spring arrives- yogurt and fruit! I like to mix fresh in-season fruit, with nuts and seeds, but on top of this frozen fruit is refreshing and freeze-dried fruit is my secret weapon. Alright that sounds kind of unhinged, it’s not so much a secret weapon as it is a crisp flavourful treat. Much better.

Ella Baché’s new offering is a beautiful hydrating face mist, perfect for any season, but especially the warmer weather here in the southern hemisphere. Its ingredients include witch hazel to sooth and balance the skin, and Mari Moist (sometimes known as ’the aloe of the ocean’) which is a hyaluronic acid made from red algae, to hydrate and plump. For me it’s been beautifully calming when used on top of serums and it can also be used to set or refresh makeup. My skin feels calmer when I spray this on, and the feeling lasts! Thank you hyaluronic acid. In the summer you can keep it in the fridge for a cool and reviving experience, I know I will. Available now at all Ella Baché salons, David Jones and ellabache.com.au. 100ml for $39 AUD.

Over the past year the strangest thing has started happening. As soon as the days get longer I start waking up earlier and earlier. My sleep is very important to me, and keeping a good routine is a priority, so I try to adjust little by little. If you want to get up earlier or get to bed later, I can tell you what my doctor once suggested. Twenty minutes to a half hour increments, week by week. Nothing too drastic!

I like every season to have a soundtrack. I make a music playlist, which means I’m frequently sent into nostalgic reveries by songs associated with specific periods of my life. Another nice little way to welcome the new season is treating yourself to a new lipstick or perfume, something signature for the next few months. From the latest Sephora sale I bought a Tom Ford lipstick to be my Springtime look, and I’m wearing Ouai’s fragrance ’North Bondi’.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this week’s post. I’d love to know if anyone else is as excited about changing season and what you do to adjust.

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