Hyped Affordable Skincare (Good Molecules Routine + Review)

When Serene from the Good Molecules team at Beautylish reached out to me, I was so intrigued because I’ve been seeing this brand everywhere and hearing some very positive things from people who’s discerning taste I trust. Good Molecules claim that their products are made with high quality ingredients, backed by research at very affordable prices- sounds great right? Having chatted about what my skincare priorities are, Serene sent me their Niacinamide Toner, Niacinimide Serum, Overnight Exfoliating Treatment, Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil and Pure Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil. For a couple of weeks I’ve been using these products, and feel confident that I can share some thoughts on this brand and whether or not I’d be purchasing these for myself. It’s easy to recommend a product when it’s been sent to you as a gift, which is always quite exciting. What I want to ask myself when I’m reviewing a PR gifted product, is to question whether I’d be happy to go out and buy the items myself with my own money- would I still feel the same about its performance? Is the hype based on results? With that in mind, here are my thoughts and how I’ve been using the products.

The toner: I wouldn’t want to be without this now, truly. A lot of toners haven’t worked for my skin, to the point where I’d kind of given up on them as a part of my daily routine for a long time. Inflamed skin is not where it’s at! Just recently I’ve been cautiously dipping back in and have been rewarded. This toner makes my skin look clear and smooth, no irritation. I want in in my life always!

The serum: Pleasing results in terms of minimising pores and plumping the skin. Nothing can alter your pores permanently, but as long as I’m using this serum it works well. As long as you don’t use excessive amounts, it will layer without pilling and makes sits under makeup beautifully. I’d purchase this for myself.

The treatment: It’s got a kick to it! My skin can be sensitive to acids so I’d only use this one or twice a week, they recommend using it up to three times a week so you can experiment to see what works for you. I do wake up glowing when I use it! Again I think I’d purchase this myself, the price is incredible! Having said that there are a lot of overnight exfoliating treatments I want to try so I probably would’t get another one immediately. Quick tip, great to pair it with the Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil.

Processed with VSCO with g9 preset

The face oil: They’re not kidding about this being ultra hydrating! Often this would be too much for me, but they reccommend using it at night which is great time for some extra hydration. On nights when I’m using an acid or retinol, it’s perfect and a life-saver. A little goes a long way, this little oil is powerful! This would be great for anyone with dry, fragile skin and more mature skin too!

The rosehip seed oil: A dream, I would definitely buy this for myself, let me just say that immediately. The rosehip is sourced ethically, sustainably, straight from the growers. It’s a delicate and nourishing oil. providing surprisingly light but complete hydration. Glowing, plump skin, I think everyone should get their hands on it!

So the verdict is: Good Molecules has a solid offering at a fair price point, and I’ll be looking forward to what they do next!

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