This time of year is expensive and overwhelming, but if you can get organised and consider what you’ve really been needing and stick to that, it really helps. I just wanted to create a little list of examples, some sales that I think have very good value.

  1. MECCA cyber weekend. Items are going fast but they have some very cute edits on there, including Living Proof and Shisedo. It’s all special value, limited edition stuff, so well worth a look.
  2. DAISY LONDON. A great one for jewellery lovers. It’s 20% off EVERYTHING! I know everyone’s talking about the Mejuri sale, but Daisy London have so many gorgeous pieces and 20% off goes a really long way! I especially love all the collabs they’ve done with blogger/youtuber Estée Lalonde.
  3. GOOD MOLECULES. Makers of ethical, affordable and most importantly result driven skincare. Full disclosure, I work with this brand (affiliate link) and continue to do so because I’ve found their products so reliable! They’re already in a great price range so their sale is pretty irresistible.
  4. PAT McGRATH. If you love makeup or want a gift for someone who does, look no further. 25% off purchases under $150, and 30% off purchases over $150, plus a whole bunch of absolutely gorgeous items in the exclusive offers section.
  5. BOOK DEPOSITORY. I love Book Depository, they have free deliver worldwide, very competitive prices and now 10% off lots of books. My love for independent book shops tends to overrule my desire to shop online, but they really have such a wide range of books.

P.S, my shop has 20% off all items and though I am biased, I think there’s some very cute stuff on there! Order now to be sure your treats arrive before Christmas.

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