What I do.
Acrylic original works, illustrations, product illustration, portraits, wire jewellery and stationery design.

My commission process for individuals

Initial consultation is free. I prefer to be reached through my business on Etsy, Pepperberry and Pine Studio. I can also be reached through the contact form or at, but all purchases for individuals currently go through the Etsy store. 

After discussing what you would like, I will give you a two part quote and send a contract. The first part of the quote is for concepts, rough sketches and colour options that I will send you. At this point if you change your mind you won’t be charged for the second part of the quote which is for the completed product and shipping.

See below for prices.

My commission process for companies, brands etc

Depending on specific circumstances, I am open to contra agreements. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to make it work, but I encourage open communication to see what’s possible. If I’m interested, I will prepare a pitch within an agreed time frame.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Commission Pricing

Prices are only a guideline, but I will let you know the total cost before you pay me anything. Prices are in Australian dollars.

  • Printed Digital Illustration on archival acid free paper $30AUD – $70AUD Shipping not included.
  • Traditional Art including watercolour, acrylic and ink $40AUD – $300AUD Shipping not included.
  • Logos for your use $40AUD – $80AUD
  • Special Projects including stationery and multimedia projects $20AUD – $500AUD.
  • Jewellery $20AUD and upwards.

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