The Letter Project

The Letter Project began in April of 2020, as research for a novel which centres around letters, grief, intimacy, and the transformative nature of vulnerability.

I am sending letters to strangers, who in one way or another participate in artistic vulnerability. I’ll be posting one letter to each recipient per month, for the duration of the project. In this way, I hope to explore the possibility of a positive form of vulnerability, one which encourages creative emotional growth. There’s no guarantee that all the letters will reach their destinations and be read; the lost art of letters is an ephemeral method of communication compared to others. The process may provide more questions than answers- but isn’t that half the fun?

Note: The content of each letter will be entirely unique, private, and given without expectation of replies- though they are certainly welcome. If you’d like a letter of your own, please use the form below.

“A letter always seemed to me like immortality, because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend.”

Emily Dickinson

Dear Never-Was,

Remember how we never crossed oceans to be together? Never bathed in moon, to watch the ceiling of stars above our heads. My empty hands have never held yours, all the kisses not shared, and words from our mouths, never were… Read more.

The Letters so far…

Open Letter: Dear Never-Was
P. M, US
Dear Australia
E. M, UK
Open Letter: Father(s)